S4BS (Service for Business Simulation)

The Service for Business Simulation is a newly developed training program to train IT staff on ITIL® processes. The ITIL® Edition 2011 is based on the following:

  • An introduction to IT service management and service management processes
  • A simulated simulation game with different roles from various business and IT areas
  • Measures for improvement

Several variants of the simulation have been developed. A full version illustrates the collaboration and the understanding of the roles according to the lifecycle of the ITIL Edition 2011, but also individual life cycle phases such as "Service Strategy", "Service Design", "Service Transition", "Service Operation" or "CSI" Be practiced.

The simulation is customizable to your organization. It represents an active behavioral training. The learned should be taken into the workplace after the training. Improvement potentials are identified and implemented in the organization (Continuous Improvement Process, KVP).

Learning Goals


  • Understand IT service and reflect on reality
  • Understand dependencies of processes
  • Services as a whole
  • Understand dependencies between processes and services
  • IT Service MGT in different organizations adopt and implement
  • Identify and resolve gaps in service management
  • Reporting and measuring points
  • Adapt the entire service lifecycle into an organizational structure
  • Identify and implement improvements

Simulation content

The simulation mainly consists of 3 parts:

Game models

For a better understanding of the IT infrastructure, we have designed various models for servers, storage, services and more. These were designed by us and realized with a 3D printer. In this way, we can replicate your IT infrastructure as a physical model and map the dependencies to the Visual Dependency Model.

Visual Dependency Model (VDM)

The Visual Dependency Model (VDM) is a computer-based application for visualizing dependencies between services and the IT infrastructure. This model can be adapted as desired and adapted to the needs of your organization. Due to the modular functionality, the VDM allows unlimited scaling and can thus also represent complex organizations. In addition, we provide basic configurations with which a simulation can also be carried out.

Enterprise Process Framework (EPF)

The Enterprise Process Framework (EPF) enables the use of the following components within the simulation:

  • Process Map (Framework)
  • Service organization, processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Service Catalog, details of all services and responsibilities
  • Applications, roles and responsibilities
  • glossary
  • The EPF has been developed by us and is also applied in practice.
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