Computare is a Swiss provider of services and schooling and offers customised Management Consulting and realistic trainings, which specialise on the optimisation of provider-organisations on the basis of recognized best practices. We view our clients as our partners, to whom we pass on our expertise. Integrity, passion, humanity and professionalism determine how we act on a daily basis. We are only satisfied when we have been able to strengthen your competitiveness.


The reputation of Consulting has continuously declined over the last few years. Various consultants have contributed to this situation as they view their job in being primarily mandated for as long as possible. That is why they keep their knowledge to themselves. We would like to be your partner and wish to pass on our knowledge and experience to you. We are then satisfied when we have contented clients. We know: satisfied clients return. 

Let us know how we may support you. Our services range from interim management and coaching to organisational consulting and improvement/implementation of processes. 

Agile Coaching


These days the only constant is change. In order to be able to react to the ever faster changing surrounding conditions and requirements of the markets more and more companies decide to introduce agile methods. However, this usually implies a considerable cultural change within the corporation which needs to be pursued on a longterm basis and in a sustainable way. We prepare your entire company for this great step and support you during implementation as well as with the establishment of an ongoing improvement process. Your managers will be trained by us, in order to be able to lead in a changed environment and to thereby be able to support the change. Through coaching we help you mediate agile values in the corporation and ensure a long-term acceptance in your corporate culture and in your everyday life. 



You want to know how your IT-Organisation is faring, how good your IT processes are working? Through an assessment by our experienced specialists you receive a detailed account with respect to the grade of maturity in your IT-Organisation and the established IT processes.

Coordinate with us which goals you would like to reach and how we may support you in attaining these goals.

In these evaluations we trust in globally recognised de facto standard frameworks and methods. For instance: CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and a GAP-Analysis. With CMMI the grade of maturity of processes is evaluated; the GAP-Analysis allows us to determine what effort is necessary in order to attain the target.



It hasn’t only taken scandals in big corporations in order to put the topic “Governance” back on the map of many corporations and responsible managers in IT. 

Governance is the area that connects IT and the corporation with each other. Thereby, Services ensure that the Organisation is actually able to practice Governance.

Governance plays an important role in strategy. She is the basis of how an organisation is managed. The standard for Corporate Governance in IT is ISO/IEC 38500.

Six principles are described here, that are managed via Governance:

  • Determination of responsibilities
  • Strategy to define and comply with the targets of the organisation
  • Procurement for relevant reasons 
  • Indemnification of the required performance
  • Indemnification of conformity to the rules and regulations
  • Respect for human issues
  • Have your Governance with respect to your IT reviewed by our experienced specialists 




Computare communicates expert knowledge of various IT areas in step with actual practice (see our trainings). Our teachers have many years of corporate experience. They have successfully implemented their teachings in corporations. Their technical expertise and didactical schooling allows them to pass on their knowledge with great practical relevance to their employees. Modern learning methods (for instance the simulation such as „S4BS“) and schooling material with added value contribute to the success of the schooling.Training may take place in-house on your premises or in our classroom. Our objectives are, amongst other: highest passing quotas, knowledge transfer and successful implementation. The fun with which our teachers pass on the knowledge is transmitted to your employees. 



Why do so many projects fail or seemingly take for ever to come to a more or less decent conclusion? Why does the seemingly successful project not provide the expected added value? These difficulties are encountered by a professional project management. Book our project managers and/or have your employees be successfully educated as a project manager. Professionally established project management plans - that are abided by with respect to your management targets (budget, schedule, quality) – are the result thereof. As such it is of no importance which of the project management methods are applied in your case. Whether you opt for HERMES5 or PRINCE2® - we implement your project with the desired method and prepare your employees for a successful certification. Naturally, we also support you with agile project management methods such as „agile SCRUM“. It is very important to us that your employees understand the necessary implementation procedures and share responsibility. Most projects fail due to the employees’ resistance and/or due to the employees quickly falling back into old habits after completion of the project. A customised Organisation-Change-Management allows for acceptance and successful implementation of your projects. 

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