Scrum Developer Certified (SDC™) course including exam

This course optimally prepares you for your role as a developer in a Scrum Team and is suitable for either participants who have already some Scrum experience as well as for absolute Scrum beginners.




Course type



2 days course

CHF 1'890.- / Person

If the requirements are met the costs will be covered by Temptraining.

2 Tage Kurs 
8.30-12.00 und 13.30-16.30 Uhr

Prüfung Online bei VMEdu
(Termin kann selbst gewählt werden)

3 days course

CHF 2'100.- / Person

If the requirements are met the costs will be covered by Temptraining.

3 Tage Kurs 
8.30-12.00 und 13.30-16.30 Uhr 

Prüfung am 3. Kurstag nach Intensiver Vorbereitung

Company course


The class takes place on the premises of your headoffice, in Reinach BL or at any other location of your choosing.

Please contact us for further information as well as for the booking of a class.

Learning targets

• You are familiar with Scrum and know the difference to traditional methods

• Various roles in Scrum

• Agile Principles

• The SBOK Scrum Framework

• Quality of Scrum

• Change management

• Risk management

• Preparation for the role as Scrum Developer

Course content

What is Scrum?

  • Agile versus traditional methods
  • Values, principles, ways of thinking
  • How did Scrum originate and developed? 
  • The agile manifest, Lean and its principles


Scrum Framework

  • Roles, meetings, artefacts
  • The Developing-Team and self-organisation


Scrum Master

  • Tasks and interaction with the Developer


Product Owner

  • Tasks and interaction with the Developer


Scrum Meetings

  • Planning meeting
  • Daily Scrum
  • Retrospectives and reviews


Scrum Artefacts

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog 
  • Burndown Chart


Scrum Best Practices

  • Ready and Done
  • Release
  • Planning 


Preparation for the Exam

  • Multiple-Choice-Quiz


Exam / Certificate

Our Scrum Partner is VMEdu.

The exam takes place as an online proctored exam.


Experience in project management is an advantage, but not a requirement.

Target Group

Project manager, software developer, architects, tester, team leader and IT-manager

Methodology / Didactics

Practical and task-oriented class and workshop

Maximum number of participants

12 participants


Andrea Mercier, responsible for education, will gladly answer your questions!

41 61 712 00 00
41 79 407 98 55

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