Angular Training

With Angular you get started in modern multi-platform Frontend development. As a core strategy in the largest internet companies in the world, Angular is developing into the go-to Frontend framework. Be ready and use it’s power!




Course type



2 days course

CHF 1'450.- / Person

If the requirements are met the costs will be covered by Temptraining.

2 Tage Kurs 
8.30-12.00 und 13.30-16.30 Uhr

Prüfung Online bei VMEdu
(Termin kann selbst gewählt werden)

Company course


The class takes place on the premises of your headoffice, in Reinach BL or at any other location of your choosing.

Please contact us for further information as well as for the booking of a class.

Learning targets

You will learn a strong foundation that will allow you to work productively and with confidence after you complete the training.

We guide you through the web-jungle along a clear path that you can apply productively.

Course content

  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript as an "addition" to JavaScript
  • Step-by-step design and development of an app
  • Angular design and concepts
    • Components
    • Directives
    • Modules
    • Input/Output
    • Events
    • Attributes
    • Models
    • Two-Way Binding
    • Dependency Injection
    • Forms
    • Routing
    • Templates
    • Styling
    • Providers (Services)
    • Observables (Promises)
    • HTTP
  • Angular Material Design
  • Debugging with ​Angular Tools
  • Automated Testing
  • Connection to a Backend service
  • Module-system and Loaders (import/export)
  • Frontend Build Toolchain with angular-cli​
  • Deployment of the  App to the "Cloud"
  • Quick overview of the Angular landscape
  • (Ionic2, NativeScript, Electron, Backends, Universal)


Basic programming and web development knowledge. (Not sure ? Just ask your coach Jonas Felix)

Target Group

The training is equally aimed towards software developers working in the Backend and Frontend areas.

Methodology / Didactics

Joint development of the app with short explanations and ongoing support from the two trainers.

Maximum number of participants

12 participants


Jonas Felix, our Trainer, is happy to answer your questions !

41 61 763 01 86

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